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Heap Of The Week

Honda CJ250T

The term 'barn find' is probably one of the most overused descriptions that’s used to describe a rusty vehicle. This Honda CJ250T wasn’t discovered in a barn, but the phrase ‘The tarpaulin blew off a few years ago’ isn’t one that’s embedded in the psyche of bargain hunting folk on the internet. This bike came our way after languishing unused in a garden for longer than the owner could remember. With more patina than paintwork, some people might be wondering why we’ve even bothered to get involved with it. Despite looking like an extra from scrapheap challenge, this old girl could be brought back from the dead and no, we’re not joking. After all, where’s the challenge in restoring a motorcycle that isn’t totally rotten!?

In every negative there is a positive and this CJ250T comes with its own kudos. Registered in August 1977, its log book was only once sent off to DVLA for a change of keeper which was in April 1979. Since then it’s had the same owner! Ok, so he could’ve polished it a bit more but on the plus side, other than those naff air horns it’s pretty much original. The mileage is a genuine 15,000 miles although sadly the engine is locked solid. This is more than likely down to rusty internals rather than a mechanical meltdown. The original key is a cool touch, even better it isn’t rusty. What will become of it now? Well, hopefully we’ll find a new owner for it and unlike certain other 70's models, used parts are plentiful and cheap.

With the Peaky Blinder brigade intent on creating a café racer, bobber or bratz build from the most hideous motorcycles from yesteryear, maybe there could be life in this old dog yet. Interested? Bring £395 and an empty van.

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