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NTS Daily Rider

Since 1986 I’ve had a bike on the road, some have been memorable, whilst others forgettable!

My current daily rider is a 2006 Suzuki GSX-R1000K6. In my mind it’s a cutting-edge litre sports bike, yet in reality it’s a 15-year-old bike that’s bordering on being a classic bike.

The twist with this bike is I bought and sold it a few years back to a mate. He owned and loved it, fitting some cool extras like a Yoshimura silencer and a comfy top yoke kit, which means the original clip on bars are now in a shoebox in the garage. The ADM conversion allows you to end up with a sit up and beg riding position, perfect for an everyday scoot.

The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that the colours aren’t original. This is because it’s a Chinese replacement body set. It fits perfectly and the quality is better than it should be for pattern parts. I can still remember buying a pattern fairing for a Honda CBR600FM back in my youth After several attempts to get it to fit properly, I gave up! Replacement parts can be like that at times.

The K6 uses the famed K5 motor, it is universally accepted to be a bit of a gem in the GSX-R family.

Suzuki have dragged it back to work in the ‘new’ Katana 1000.

The previous owner gave the bike fresh oil etc and riding it you would be hard pushed to think it’s a bike from 2006. The first time I personally rode a bike that was over 15 years old was in 1990. I had a ZXR750H1 but decided to buy a Z1A 900 from the LOOT free ads! The big Zed was very much like riding a bike from yesteryear.

I have been using my Suzuki more since the Covid restrictions have been eased. Thing is though, I’m struggling to gel with it in a way that I want to. I can’t fault or blame the bike, it’s definitely an operator issue I am experiencing. My needs for a daily rider don’t really require a 150bhp missile from the last decade, sad to admit, but true.

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